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Hutchison Port Sohar - Committed Partner

Hutchison Ports Sohar is committed to providing excellence in customer services through the application of leading-edge technology, advanced real-time communications and port management systems. With a world-class terminal operation Hutchison Port Sohar aims to stay several notches above industry standards.

Our corporate philosophy is built on the recognition that our customers always come first. We strive to maximize customer satisfaction by being:

  • Efficient:

Always mindful that time is of the essence for the success of our customers, we strive to deliver our services speedily without compromising quality.

  • Responsive:

We are always keen to listen to our customers and swiftly accommodate their requests.

  • Innovative:

We constantly look for better ways to serve our customers through technological and operational innovations.

  • Reliable:

You can count on us to make every possible effort to deliver on your requirements.

  • Resourceful:

We continuously invest in the development of our facilities, technology and staff in our determination to stay ahead of competition.

  • Flexible:

We relentlessly devote our efforts to understand the ever changing needs of our customers, and continuously meet the individual needs of each customer with customized services.

Hutchison Port Sohar - Corporate Social Responsibility

Hutchison Port Sohar is contributing towards the generation of skilled employment for the Sultanate’s youth with a dedicated recruiting programme under which we provide extensive and rigorous training for local Omanis at its overseas facilities.  A significant and growing number of our employees are Omanis, reflecting our commitment to Omanisation. 

As a responsible corporate citizen, Hutchison Port Sohar actively supports the Hutchison Ports Dock School Programme, a global initiative dedicated to educational enhancement, as we believe children are our future. We extend financial and educational assistance to local schools. Further, in our desire to be well-integrated with the local community, we are continually exploring opportunities to support social and cultural initiatives that enhance the overall well-being of society.