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IT - Infrastructure

Hutchison Port Sohar has adopted the group’s award winning Next Generation Terminal Management System (nGen) to ensure the highest level of efficiency. nGen is central to Hutchison Port Sohar’s aspirations to establish itself as the premier terminal in the Gulf region. The nGen system allows the terminal to streamline operations and facilitate efficient data interchange with shipping lines and customs. Hutchison Ports Sohar fully supports the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to efficiently communicate with business partners and significantly reduce the need to manually produce paper-based documentation.

Ensuring faster turnaround times possible, the terminal’s ship planning system optimizes stowage planning, crane deployment and stability calculation. Versatile and flexible, the nGen system allows yard planners to decide the most appropriate yard location for grounding containers according to their designated vessel, weight class and port of discharge.

Hutchison Ports Sohar has deployed Wi-Fi umbrella coverage in the yard, quay and gatehouse to ensure live updates to the nGen system of container movement in the terminal. This is achieved through the deployment of cutting-edge wireless terminals, notably the Hand Held Terminal (HHT) at the quay and gatehouse, Vehicle Mounted Terminal (VMT) on the RTGCs and Vehicle Mounted Computers on the yard trucks. All touch-screen terminals certified for industrial use, are designed to IP66 ruggedness standards. Further, the terminal has installed a comprehensive CCTV system to monitor terminal operations and enhance resource allocations and management during vessel operations from the Tower Control Room.