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Hutchison Ports Sohar celebrates High Productivity Month

Hutchison Ports Sohar achieved another productivity milestone with its remote-controlled super post-panamax quay cranes. The terminal served three vessels in the last two weeks with an average increase of Vessel Operating Rate (VOR) by 40% and the Gross Crane Rate (GCR) of average 38 moves per hour on one of the vessels and the highest of 52 moves per hour which is amongst the highest in the region.

VOR and GCR refer to the number of container moves divided by the vessel operating hours and by the gross crane time respectively. The higher the VOR and GCR, higher is the terminal operations efficiency.

Celebrating the operational achievement with the Operations and Engineering teams,  Anacin Kum, Chief Executive Officer of Hutchison Ports Sohar said, “I am very proud of our talented team and their efforts which proved to be of the main reasons of us achieving world class productivity and efficiency.”

“This competitive edge combined with the existing state-of-the-art automated systems and additional equipment fleet expected to arrive in third quarter of 2019 will further increase the terminal’s handling capacity and facilitate the growth of Oman trade and economic benefits of export-import trade through optimal utilization of capacity and fast turnaround times”, he added.

In addition to the operational achievement, Hutchison Ports Sohar is also actively facilitating the communication channel between the end-users and the Omani government authorities by organising various communication sessions and workshops.

Hutchison Ports Sohar constantly strives to be a catalyst in providing faster and cost-efficient logistics solutions to its customers.



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